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The Men Behind Mann Mountain

The Mann Farm started out as a cattle and poultry farm years back, and Tommy Mann’s two sons (Stewart and Wesley Mann) grow-up helping out with daily chores on the farm. Stewart and Wesley always had an interest in Alabama deer hunting that they shared with their father, and they would eagerly finish their chores for the chance to go hunting with their Father.

Their passion for Alabama deer hunting peaked their interest and curiosity of Alabama deer. As they grow older their interest in the Alabama whitetail grew as well, so they built pens to put and study deer. Tommy Mann also saw an opportunity, because the cattle business had changed throughout the years.

Tommy, Wesley, and Stewart Mann turned their cattle farm and skills to whitetail. They enclosed their land into a high fence Alabama deer hunting operation, and they quickly found deer were much easier to raise then cattle. Wesley and Stewart consulted with many wildlife experts, and they professionally have been breeding and raising Alabama deer for Alabama deer hunting, which they have been doing twenty plus years.

The Mann’s who always showed a love for Alabama deer hunting and the bonding as father and sons receive from deer hunting, decided to open a lodge where hunters can come and see Alabama deer hunting like they could never could find anywhere else.

The Mann’s took their passion, and they have tried to create it where others can come share their passion with them. Being hunters their selves and enjoying the nature of Alabama deer hunting as a family, they know what it takes for any single hunter and families to make Mann Mountain Outfitters the hunt of your dreams.

The Mann Family strive to offer the best quality deer hunts in Alabama

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